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Voyager Info-Systems does not provide e-mail, dial-up, or client web-services.

Information on spam/e-mail
  • Voyager does not send out spam, nor have any clients, nor allow others to use its systems for e-mail.
  • Spam which appears to originate from Voyager does not -- the "From:" address of an e-mail can be set to anything, and therefore easily set falsely--either intentionally or by mistake.

    You can read more about an e-mail's origination, there is special information in an e-mail header, usually hidden by a program. Please read our e-mail spam page to find out more about determining the origin of an e-mail and the systems used.

  • Voycabulary Makes the words on a webpage into links so they may be clicked on to look them up. Uses various online english and multi-lingual dictionaries as well as other specialized online dictionaries like the online medical dictionary (OMD), computer dictionary, ... (www.Voycabulary.com) - E-mail vcgen2 at voycabulary.com.
    VoyForums-only Message board services (www.Voy.com) - E-mail support3 at voy.com.
    Voyager (general) For all other e-mail, please first make sure you wish to contact us at Voyager.com, then send your e-mail to support3 at voy.com.
    Please read the above information before contacting us at (213) 537-4636.
    Voyager Info-Systems does not provide e-mail, dial-up, or client web-services.

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