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Voyager Info-Systems is straight forward and sincere about its services. We presently provide:

www.Voy.com, VoyForums: A popular and free messageboard/forum service, provided to many millions of visitors, served through many thousands of messageboards. We also provide:
www.VoyCabulary.com A free-to-the-public word-reference tool, allowing text or pages you visit to be transformed so the words may be clicked on to look them up. Lookups/links to outside online public dictionaries include:
    Multilingual dictionaries, assisting readers of native and foreign languages of English, Spanish, French, Persian, and many other languages.
    Poetry, abbreviations, acronym, etc. dictionaries.
    English, Spanish, and other standard dictionaries are also available and utilized by VoyCabulary.
    Standard Thesaurus (multiple versions)
    Medical, Science, and other Specialty Dictionaries

We do not collect nor release demographic information except for private internal use by Voyager Info-Systems. E-mail addresses are and never have been sold by Voyager Info-Systems. We follow general simple principles of decency, and take pride in our services as they stand, alone. Consequently, we also do not send out spam advertisements nor other unsolicited emails. We do not provide email nor dialup accounts, and therefore have no members who could conduct such activities; however, in the past people *have* sent out email, from their own locations in the world, fraudulently placing our name as the return/from address--we have nothing to do with them, but encourage peoples' better understanding of the serious impact of email address falsification, spam, etc. It is estimated that nearly, if not more than half of the email traffic in the world is now spam/unsolicited mail.

If you feel the need to ask any questions or give comments or feedback, you may reach us via our Contact Page. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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